Thursday, December 24, 2015

French customs seized false booklets of French Mariannes

Tuesday, December 22nd 2015, the French customs mediatised they seized a parcel of fraudulent booklets of Marianne de la jeunesse first class stamps at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport, as local edition of 20 Minutes revealed.

Screen capture of the video broadcast by the French Customs on youTube.
A sad affair for false stamp collectors and speculators... They have to literally stick to banana stickers to make fun of the French postal system and continue to speculate with the stamps cut out from the sold out Liberation minisheet issued at the November 2015 Autumn Stamp Show.

The express parcel was detected in the People's Republic of China before being sent from Hong Kong. It contained four welding machines full of one hundred booklet batches of counterfeited stamps, the usual form of production in France of these booklets.
The rise of the priority first class mail in France since 1971 (idé for Boursorama).
This efficient action takes place in a context of consecutive heavy rises of the postal rates... that surely have inspired some mischievous entrepreneurs. Customs estimated the value of the seize at 62'000 euros, but don't explain if there are the values of the genuine stamps, the turnover or profit hoped by the perpretrators.

Let's hope a judge will authorize that one booklet be kept at La Poste's Museum in the goal of knowledge and expertise, while the rest finish a holy and joyful fire!

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