Monday, December 21, 2015

Weeks #2015.50 and #51 on SébPhilatélie

Two weeks for one!

Tuesday December 8th: does Gibbons magazine want to promote intaglio printing?
In the December issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Glenn Morgan started a series of article about intaglio printing with a biography of banknote - and now the Long May She Reign stamps - engraver Chris Matthews.

Will this series of article get momentum and start a British Art of engraved stamp like in France in the 2000s when Timbres Magazine promoted intaglio printing with the support of the artists until the French philatelic service promised a minimum of intaglio printing in the program.

Sunday December 13th: joint article on Don Rosa's year of mail art.
Read the article in English there, and the first Don Rosa open class episode over here.

Friday December 18th: About Huguenot folding letters found in a chest in The Hague, Netherlands.
Last November, an international university team publicized the start of a long work on some 2'600 letters of a chest, an item of the Museum of Communications in The Hague.

The famous chest and its letters (© Signed, Sealed & Undelivered Team, 2015. Courtesy Museum voor Communicatie, The Hague, Netherlands).
A radio broadcast on France Culture (French cultural public channel) Friday 18th presented the whole story by Dutch historian David Van der Linden who seems to be an eventual postal history collector from the content of the letter to how they were folded!

Saturday December 19th: joint article on a West African joint issue.
Read the article in English there.

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