Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tibetan supporters bump into Deutsche Post

Last Wednesday December 4th 2015, Sonja Gillert told in Die Welt how personalised stamp orders by German association International Campaign for Tibet have been poisoning Deutsche Post DHL since last Srping.
One of the personalised stamp ordered to Deutsche Post (International Campaign for Tibet, reproduced by Die Welt)
After Austria Post had to cancel a philatelic program issue in 2005 - some printing essays ended on the market - we thought that postal operators of countries that want to have very peaceful and profitable trade relations with the People's Republic of China would be careful. All the more when the operator is, since 2001, the heart of a transnational group of transportation and logistic,  DHL.

The article summarized the chronicle of an order for personalised stamp to mark the 80th birthday of Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama and nowadays moral and spiritual leader of the exiled Tibetans since communist China occupied Tibet.

6'400 were ordered, printed and delivered last Spring to the German section of the United States organisation Then, it was a rush to stick one on a letter to the Chinese ambassador in Berlin, surely happy if he has friends collectors of stamps.
Why do I smell smoke? (International Campaign for Tibet, reproduced in Rainbow Stamp Club blog, July 4th 2015).
Was it the mediatisation of their mail to the Amabassador? Or a brutal telephone relation between said amabassador and the federal ministry for Foerign Affaits? Or DHL director in China that alerted his parent company that the dragon was breathing into his lungs, organs already darkened by the dense pollution in Beijing?

Anyway, now the association knows a lot of problem to get a second order of the stamp in November... because Deutsche Post's PostIndividuell service changed in-between. And that motivated a new article by the Berlin newspaper.

Nowadays in Germany you can order Star Wars personalised stamps - Oïe! Royal Mail and La Poste are not the only one to issue such stamps?!! - but not stamps figuring politicians from foreign countries.

The journalist explained that the president of the Free State of Bavaria could received such stamps for his birthday, but no one will honor a visit of the President of the United States of American such a way...

While the pro-Tibetan association is trying to break in the new rules, its leaders are watching the next personalised stamp orders accepted by Deutsche Post to try to catch the company offguard.

Chance of the news, early December, a Flemish independist party is furious of bpost, the Belgian operator. Whereas the party had ordered personalised stamps the last ten years, this year's picture (between independentist coat of arms and Catalonian flags) or the logotype and motto of the parti seem to hurt the new rules on neutrality of personalised stamps.

Surely the federal deputies of the party will get answers from bpost during the next session.

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