Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week #2015.52 on SébPhilatélie and elsewhere on the French philatelic blogosphere

This week on the French writing side of the blog was inspired by using Google News.

Monday December 21st: French public television looks into packet delivery by Groupe La Poste.
France 2's quarter century old news report broadcast, Envoyé spécial, investigated, Thursday 17th, how packets were delivered daily by La Poste, its subcontractors and its subsidiary's subcontractors.

Low qualified employees drive from 5am to 8pm rented trucks throughout the Parisian Region, always in a hurry because their boss will get two euros something per packet if the packet is delivered before a timeline... or he'll get fined the same amount!

Even if the report can be criticized because the journalists didn't nose about the competitors of the French State-owned postal operators, it gave a sad insigh on how the ultraliberalism trend is destroying the social contract.

Tuesday December 22nd: the French banks and the "postage stamp theorem" by RTL.
Let's continue to criticize the current evolution of capitalism: little by little, and more starting January 1st, 2016, almost all French bank network will make all clients pay for the management of their account, even if there is no problem...

A journalist on French radio RTL commented last Tuesday that it's the "postage stamp theorem": if clients don't earn you enough money, rise the fee!

The hidden idea to him is to segregate clients: the students and the poor towards their free fee internet affiliate to save agency and advice cost ; rich ones will continue to pay premium to manage their accountssssss... and the rest will have to pay monthly now.

I wonder if the high rises of the French postal rates is currently helping the switch to La Poste's web services...

Wednesday December 23rd: French post looking for pied piper, specialised in rats and philatelists please.
Strange news in Nanterre, Paris suburbs: postmen and women used their urgency right to stop working after a semester working with rats and one getting ill some days after a pest controller worked on site.

Located too near to the Seine River, the sorting warehouse has been used since last Summer when the timetables were changed, and space required to prepare the tours.

Of course commentators on the web suggested the use of cats... but a London incident reminds that, in our terror age of highest security, the use of staff that could not provide an identity card could be perillous for the service.

Thursday December 24th: joint article on false stamp booklets seized by the French Customs.

Saturday December 26th: joint article on Deutsche Post's personalised stamp problem with Dalai Lama's supporters.

Elsewhere on French philatelic blogs:
Les News du Phospho blog celebrated 10 years on teaching philatelists about phosphorescence printing on modern stamps of France and other contemporary intelligence on nowadays French Philately. It backs a personal website on the phosphorescence topic.

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