Tuesday, January 05, 2016

An educative animated movie about stamp used on French television

This year the rising of the postal rates was a blessing to French journalists ; at least the one on duty during this New Year's public holidays.

On public radio channel France Inter, Camille Marigaux went to ask people how much was needed to send a letter... They don't know, most of them don't send letter anymore and they overestimate the rate. The journalist added the opinion of the union representative reminding how costly the new proportional rates are going to be on just over the 20g limit letters.

From Mme A. Sylvain and M. Mullender's report for France 3, January 1st.
On French public channel France 3, the two people on duty were more creative: in a little bit rushed report, they succeed to remind "that Englishman"'s initiative to collect postal fees before transporting it - Rowland Hill perhaps, James Chalmers ?

But, then, it's a quick history of the postal rates inflation since 1849 till today, forgetting the old franc/new franc conversion of 1960... But they take time to make fun of politicians: Prime Minister Raffarin refusing a rising in 2002 but not in 2003, and a young François Hollande regretting that Raffarin didn't say the truth to the people...

The final line of the report is the new priority rate, that sending packet would be cheaper and The End.

No practical details. After listening France Inter, would these details be useful? After watching sister-channel France 2 on December 21st, do we want to know them?

Happiness anyway because, now, I have to find what is this papercut animated movie used at the beginning of France 3 report, including here to legendary Rowland Hill discovering how a maid cheated the King's Post by reading secret marks on letters she could not afford the postage due.

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