Sunday, January 03, 2016

Week #2015.53 on SébPhilatélie

Final week of the year and first days of the new postal rates in France.

Monday, December 28th: New Prime Minister put Canada Post's projects on hold.
A quick summary of the recent Canada Post's project to cut cost since 2013 and how they are all put on pause by the new majority elected last October: impopular communautary mailboxes for example, and no rise of the 1st class postal rates on January 11th!

Tuesday, December 29th: How to deliver packets in islands with no home mailbox?
As every semester, I google towards the French oversea collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon: always something to catch there.

The French version of this article was extended on the postal and philatelic actors of the archipelago while the English one explained nowadays' organisation of the oversea territories of France.

When I came to my mind that too many of my SPM articles on SébPhilatélie were never written in English, I began to translate and adapt there to you. I will extend them with intels on how to understand France, its overseas, etc.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 30th: A billion stamps sold to fight breast cancer.
Translated here too: of the event reported by The Sacramento Bee on Christmas morning about the United States' very first semi-postal stamp, still issued until at least December 2019. Looking for a new stamp speciality to study and collect?

End of year's annual accounts.
In two parts, I gather my own personal perception of the philatelic activities I know, read, discover during the past year and hoping for some to continue during the next. Both in my semi-ironic, semi-naive way of writing in French (you are warned in case you'll try Google Translate).
While beautifully reissued these stamps keep me sad for the past month because I was not able to buy them: fellow collectors/speculators made sure of that... (

A sad pessimistic view of the French philatelic pond on December 31st on the afternoon and a more enthusiastic one on January 1st in the morning, even from people I feel pessimistic about in the first article.
Even a free Stampex flyer from the British Philatelic Traders Society shows that philately can be fun, inspiring while about very classic stuff. If you don't follow the rules of the stamp program.
Let's note that the pessimistic was viewed 80 times in the span of 48 hours believing the Blogger tools (surely counting Google bots) while it was on first place of the blog for 20 hours. What bothers me is that the optimistic article was read only 22 times for the past 76 hours... Whatever.

Saturday, January 2nd: Marianne get off balance because of new rates.
Same article as the one posted here on my design balance problem with Marianne de la jeunesse series in the age of proportional rates (a Belgian innovation).

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