Saturday, January 02, 2016

New proportional rates throw Marianne off balance

Now you know the new proportional way to calculate postal rates in France (in text or in a grahical way on News du Phospho blog), but I feel uneasy in front of the new Marianne of the Youth stamps.

The new version of the Marianne of the youth, worth one priority point. The "250g" (4 points) survives the change and will help avoid a lot of peeling and pasting (La Poste's web shop).
Without an indicator, the lower left corner of the illustration is blanck, and the effigy seems standing over emptiness...

This won't bother the anti-Marianne of the youth design, either homophobic conservatists or people feeling the usual stamp artists of France were stolen the main stamp of France. These opinions appeared quickly during Summer 2013 when co-creator Olivier Ciappa said journalists the allegory was inspired by a FEMEN leader... in the middle of conservatist demonstrations against the Marriage for All Act. It became worse when, later, co-creator David Kawena decided to ask his national justice to intervene because he was claiming sole paternity of the design... As of today I don't know if the tribunal in Israel accepted the case, just a rumor that La Poste would have been happy to get some quiet even if "these stamps sold well".

Anyway, France keeps right with a big blank on its left.


On the stamp! Even if my sentence summarized the French political life of these past two sad months.

Let's propose solutions: put the name of the country in the center... would break the connection between France and the playing children. Make the arch went down to the designers' names? Better. Ask the artist(s?) to do it, even design a more complete version of the effigy? Excellent idea, but who to ask and pay?

And a phi? As proposed here.
A mail from a firm that confused letter and very small packet with two Green Letter 20g from what I call Image Services booklet on the left and Artist in Residence booklet on the right.
Why not even if I hate this graphic displeasure on the commemorative stamps.

But little by little I am convinced that the eventual definitive stamps of France and wished by the operator are the twelve illustrated stamp booklets, the print on order machine stamps (nicknamed LISA) and the discount webstamps you print yourself (Montimbrenligne).

Why not a phi on Marianne stamps, more bought by philatelists.

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