Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #2016.01 on SébPhilatélie

On the French side of the blog.
Mount Dhaulagiri on a Golden Jubilee stamp for its first ascent by Europeans. Clever the postcard producer printed a "airmail" label on the upper right corner.
Monday January 4th: Himalaya stamp on former monarchy's banknotes of Nepal.
While the blog in English came back to Christmas Eve 2014 in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the French one goes up to Nepal with a postcard received Summer 2012.

Saturday January 9th: Of the importance of philatelic forums on the web.
With two threads of discussion from two forums ( and fr.rec.philatelie), I explained the importance of meeting and discussing with fellow philatelists.

First example: what's happening today in countries that seem not to issue stamps anymore. They overprint their (very) old stocks like Laos in March 2014 and March 2015. And a funny way to add-up stamp on stamp when rates rise in a Nigerian post office.

Second example: how Michel, a French philatelist, created a philatelic literature database and presents his updates on fr.rec.philatelie, hence creating an emulation to catch ideas and be helped to find ressources. Last item, a French association bulletin from the 1890s.

Sunday January 10th: a royally irreverent rest.
A non philatelic post on how I continue to study Royal Britishness without stamps: American TV series and some British novels. Since November 2015 E! channel's The Royals imagined a before the murder Hamlet-style, what if Hollywood was in London and the King the serious grand son of Edward and Wallis - that both his brother and his junior children haven't forget...
Queen Elizabeth (actress Claire Foy) discovering the weight of the Imperial Crown  (Netflix).
During year 2016 Netflix will broadcast The Crown, a biography of Queen Elizabeth II. The first season will tell her life as a Princess from King Edward VIII's incident till Coronation and her husband discovering his new difficult role as just consort.

Hope there will be scene of the Queen posing for Dorothy Wilding or managing the extacy of Tony Benn when he put around her feet projects to cut off her head on the stamps of Britain by David Gentleman.

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