Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Have French rugbymen to be superstitious ?

Is the French rugby team superstitious or not? I hope not since a supporting stamp will be issued on April 16th, five months before the World Cup in Autumn 2007.

Éric Fayolle's stamp. This illustrator is specialised in sport topics, designed in a dynamic fashion (from La Poste website).

I fear for their future results because of the recent politic of supporting French team on French stamps. First, July 1998, La Poste waited the national soccer team victory to issue its second round stamp. However, 2005, the first printed stamps had to be destroyed when London - and not Paris - won the 2012 Olympic Games.

Worse, 5 July 2006, La Poste thanked the Soccer team after it qualified to the World Cup final... to be lost againt Italy on the 9th.

I thank the postman who cut this pretty pair.

That's why the « Allez les petits ! » stamp is worrying me : issued 5 months before the event ! But, all this may be just superstition from myself : the stamp honors the quotation's author too. Claude Jamet remembers that journalist Roger Couderc (1918-1984) said that call during the matchs he commented. It may be a good omen after all.

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