Monday, October 27, 2008

Antarctica dollar

Curiosity killed the cat. Me, it cost me eleven euros.

Yesterday, at the Montpellier collectors show, I went through a banknote dealer when I stopped on notes in Antarctica dollars... weird. Pictures showed penguin, but sovereignty signs and map of revendications by some States (like Norway as I saw on one of the notes). There, big doubts: these revendications are officially frozen and the concerning countries often avoid to expose them on stamps and notes because their neighbours would complaint.

On the notes, the search can begin with a text:

"Return this document by mail to Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office Ltd, P.O. Box 61, Custer WA USA 98240 for a refund of one United States dollar, anytime up to midnight December 31st, 2012.

... and this is sold amongt banknotes officially issued all over the world.

I bought two notes in the most little face value... that said the most little sale values. Here you have pictures of the One Dollar with penguins, Soutern Cross and what may be a reminder of the Flag of Argentina.

Back to home, "Google is your friend".

It's quick: a official site and an article on the Wikipedia in English. The private firm has been issuing one dollar to one hundred dollar notes, sold and refund at the face value (you can order a 20 dollar specimen for 10 actual dollars). A promise is made to use 80% of the proceeds to help scientific research in Antarctica. Proofs are to be found, but if Polar collectors followed these notes, proceeds may help scientists.

A critical article was published late 2001-early 2002 on a Australian paper money website (clic on "Articles", then search for "Antarctica"). These notes were considered an "private issue" by the author. Only, He hoped then that the "bank" may have published the use of the proceeds by the publication of the article...

Now I have got curiosity souvenirs in my papers. You, at least, can forge your own opinion will you face these notes in the future.

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