Saturday, October 11, 2008

British Columbia: back to fundamentals

In these times of crisis, during which speculators are feeling the moment the cycle will return like the surfer feels the wave beginning to break..., let's go back to fundamentals thank to Canadian stamps.

Canada Post issued, on 1 August 2008, a stamp for the 150 years of the creation of the British Columbia colony, on the Western Canadian coast on the Pacific Ocean.

(Canada Post website)

Cartographic profile and the origin of pioneer effort during the 19th century: the quest for gold when the long and hard labor built the hope and, sometime, the wealth of the argonaut. Maybe should I read something else than Carl Barks and Don Rosa? :)

The stamp is very well designed and efficient in communicating the intended message. Bravo to Matthew Clark et Roy White de l'agence Subplot Design Inc. of Vancouver.

A little marketing though to justify why you accept to buy the indivisible sixteen adhesive stamp sheet (8.32 Canadian dollars, circa 7.10 United States dollars or 5.25 euros): old photographs of European habitants of the colony on the back.

Fifty years ago, this mythified work of the gold worker was the principal topic of the centenary stamp. The British Columbia was founded in 1858 by separation from the 1849 colony of the Vancouver Island.

J. Harman was classic in this illustration for an instutional stamp, while many stamps of Elizabeth II's reign had been already graphically modern.

Two stamps, tow styles, but fondamentals last: beautifully deliver the message.

In 1908, no commemorative stamp. The times were not at illustrating every passing-by events, only royal heads.

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