Friday, October 17, 2008

South of France stamped

Read in the free newspaper MontpellierPlus this 17 October 2008, page 7, the Région Languedoc-Roussillon distributed last tuesday sheet of personalized stamps during the Montpellier Fair.

The stamps reproduced the commercial for the label "South of France". Alexandra Rosenfeld, born in Béziers and awarded Miss France and Europa 2006, plays a little red riding hood adept of Asian fighting sport; she can obviously defend her regional agricultural and traditional food products against a poor wolf of Gévaudan (watch the commercial clip).

The Blog philatélie whose author specialized in following the French personalized stamp service, Montimbramoi, helps retrieve the sheet format that the model is holding in her hands. Remark that the big board beside her depicts the personalisation only, not the postal mentions. These mentions could help precise some details of the Région's order.

I do not translate the article, but be sure that the little philatelic knowledge the author had, was all used in a sexist way. Madam, welcome in South of France :(

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