Thursday, October 02, 2008

States-General of the Press

The French news website Marianne 2 wrote about the States-General of the Press beginning today, with the same scepticism some, like me, considered the States-General of the Philately (or in French political jargon Grenelle de la philatélie, even reunion on how thirty people conceived philately).

Because French newspaper press is a more serious topic than the collection and study of philatelic and postal items, the Omni-President moved himself to open the discussions on the future of French press.

How to attract young people? What inside: costly report by journalists or verbatim of government's briefings? How do you move it to the press shop or the subscribers? And at what price, when newspaper's website are free or sold dematerialized?

About this last question: same price for the paper and the numeric version, but what a huge margin for the magazine made on printing and postage! Different prices with a bonus for the numeric reader, but what is then the value of work and research, and of the knowledges discovered?

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