Monday, October 13, 2008

Reexpedition sticker

Since I moved, the Parisian post office reexpedite my mail to my new adress. Only one postcard required to use the official reexpedition enveloppe presented here by Dominique on the Blog philatélie.

Almost all covers were revamped by a plastified red stickers, easy to take off, and a sticking paper with the new adress on the back.

Sent by the philatelic service of the Royal Mail, this cover helps to understand why postal employees used the red sticker: to hide the pink barcodes and the old adress. Here, the French bottom barcodes and the adress are to separated, hence the need of two stickers.

The british barcode is printed below the adress. On a smaller cover, it will be printed under the stamps.

The French post's reexpedition service, available for six or twelve months, is not free, but has been very efficient until now.

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