Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where are the Frogs going?

Today, not enough time and energy (thank to illness), to translate the full article I posted in French there, but a summary on what's hot in the France's philatelic pond.

Once upon a time, in a pond, the Frog Post and its philafrog service were accused by the stamped Frogs to produce too many postage stamps and, recently, higher than the face value philafrog products. The croaks of the frogs finished to be heard by the King-Elect of the Frogs. In his wisdom, and because it pleased the Frog Post too, he ordered the organisation of the Croaks-General of the Stamp-frogging.

But, one year after the King's generous croak, the website of the Croaks-General is frozen because, said the officials frogs, they have too much work to do and the results are coming too slowly.

To reassure their obliged Frogs, the Frog Post, the Stamped Frog Federation and the Stamp Changers' Guild printed a proclamation with the first result of the Croaks-General : let's there be stamps above other stamps. Let's them be teethfull, wet-sticky and chosen by the Stamped King of all Frogs (or one of his Froglings if unavailable). The stamps below would be sticky-sticky, sold to unstamped Frogs and ugly.

One month later, inspired by this holy stamped Genesis, the Officier of the Stamp Changers' Guild announced humbly, in Frogstamp Magazine, his idea to revolved the stamped problems: beautiful stamps will be written first in the Book of Frogged Stamps, the ugly others will be written far inside the Book, so that devout Frogs won't be tempted to be interested into them. There were not too many, there were just confusion between good and bad stamps.

And, thank to all this wisdom, all Frogs lived well for a very long time.

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