Friday, March 13, 2009

Artist Lamazou in Montpellier for a "4th day of sale"

Is Phil@poste trying to get closer its provincial collector clients? Does La Poste group want to show its policy in favor of men/women rights egality?

Yesterday, Thursday March, 12th 2009, Titouan Lamazou "honored" by his presence the Montpellier-Prefecture post office at 4pm (and not, its philatelic counter, in same building). He signed his Women of the World booklet: twelve photographic and painting portraits of women he met travelling the globe.

(Montpellier'Plus, Friday 13 March 2009, page 2)

I have no idea of the popular success of the operation: I had other priorities and at 6.15pm, the city center post office was slowly operating after the rush hours. Only proofs of the artist's presence, the two A4 posters hung on a panel put on the sideways at the front door.

The communication success is more tangible: Thursday 12th, Montpellier'Plus announced the event and offered its second page this morning, Friday 13th (even if the text is a press release). The free daily paper is distributed along the tramway network of Montpellier.

I imagine all this must be part of a national tour (?).

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