Monday, March 16, 2009

Philatelic traffic jam on 28 March

The French philatelic calendar is usually light and predictable (for use of non-French readers travelling):
- Stamp Festival: a first day of sale in one hundred towns, late February or early March.
- Spring Stamp Show by the stamp dealers' association (CNEP) in a provincial town.
- Every two years, the Paris Stamp Show (Salon du timbre) in June.
- The congress of the French Philatelic Associations' Federation (FFAP) in June (Tarbes in 2009, in Paris when a June Stampshow).
- The Autumn Stamp Show by the CNEP in Paris, early November.

The savant Académie de philatélie adds public conferences and exhibitions from his members. A first one at La Poste's museum and a second during the FFAP Congress.

This year, while the Academy is celebrating the 50 years of its Documents philatéliques review, the public exhibition with conferences will take place on Saturday 28 March 2009. The thirst to enlarge philatelists' knowledge will be fulfilled.

But, between Friday 27 and Sunday 29, the CNEP organised its Spring Show in Mâcon, a little Norther next to Lyon. The need to enlarge one's collection will be fulfilled with two first of sale, signing cession by stamp artists, etc.

Unless you are well organised and informed in advance, planning the week-end will be difficult for those interest in both happenings.

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