Monday, March 30, 2009

Overseas news

With a dozen or so stamps issued each year, the Mayotte General Council and its philatelic commission present the French overseas collectivity. A place whose inhabitants chose yesterday, Sunday 29 March 2009, the statute of a complete French département.

This philatelic program shows mainly fauna, flora and the islands' landscapes. The local culture and traditions constitute the second part while institutions and public personalities conclude the list.

In 2011, at the end of the departmentalisation process, will the philatelic autonomy disappear? A common French département can not issue its own stamp. Mayotte's postal service is operated by the oversea service of La Poste.

In Tromelin island, from 27 October to 1 December 2008, an archeologic expedition took place, directed by Max Guérout. As originary from Béziers, he has the privilege of an article in Midi Libre, the regional newspaper, this Monday 30 Mars 2009. The goal of the expedition was to retrieve traces of the L'Utile ship, lost there in 1761. In 2006, the precedent team found traces of habitations from the slaves who were in the ship's cargo.

To know more: the Research Group in Naval Archeology manages a website on Tromelin with a daily blog of the mission. Photographs help to forget the "Iced Saints" and other quick rains of Metropolitan March.

Tromelin and its history, future topics on French Southern and Antartic Lands?

Finally, on the Antilles side: I remember that the postal director in Saint-Martin or Saint-Barthelémy told a French philatelic magazine about stamp issues by late 2007, the year these two islands were separated from Guadeloupe and became two French oversea collectivities. No news since?

And, of course, I can not find the magazine issue.

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