Monday, March 09, 2009

Ten years of the little Słania Machins

On 9 March 1999, ten years ago today, the Post Office (soon to be Consignia, then Royal Mail) issued these four tiny chefs d'œuvre.

High value postage stamps picturing the royal effigy by Arnold Machin, engraved by THE master of engraving: Czesław Słania.

Forty years too (on 5 March), others high value engraved Machin stamps were released, but in a larger format than the definitive series.

Only, a great engraver could represent faithfully this magnificient profile on a so small surface of paper.

Shame: in 2003, they were replaced by iridescent ink and flat means of impression, spread last month over a large part of the Machin palette.

End of my promotion page in favor of intaglio printing and the Machin series... for now.

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