Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back on sheet margins: to the right now!

Issued in March 2009, the stamp about the Palace of the Popes in Avignon had been given a visual, cultural and historical interest by having portraits of these Popes printed on its left hand margin of the stamp sheet.

I went to the always-useful, always-well-organised and alway-so-polite philatelic counter of Montpellier. I bought these stamps and receive the twenty left-hand side stamps. Rumors said the left hand portraits are quite popular.

Here is the scan of these "stamps of the nation" before being altered into "stamps of writing" by the sole application of my fingers, without using any fake alchimic signs.

Observe the great upper ligne that gives the monetary content of the sheet (printed in intaglio like the design), the technical mentions and barcode of this one sheet ("technocontemporary" ink points) and, pleasure of the eyes, the color control squares.

Postcrossing penpals of Switzerland and the Union will be happy to receive this Martin Mörck's piece of art.

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