Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue Mondays at La Poste

My postal union discovery of this Tuesday 23 June, in the Montpellier issue of Midi libre newspaper, the "Blue Mondays" at the French post.

After a short research on Google and Google News, this practise is just beginning and very localised social conflicts are arising because of it, more when postmen have been already worried for their job when the regional mail system is soon to be reorganised.

Note that my little summary has certainly many gaps. The pieces of intelligence I found seem to appear when postmen in conflict succeeded to catch a local newspaper's attention, like in Alès on 4 June.

For La Poste, "Blue Mondays" are a group of Mondays when there is the less volume of mail to be sorted (hence this Summer experiment). Which days, less postal personnel will be called to work. First problem: their colleagues will be put on holidays that day.

Less personnel because only 40% of the mail will be treated on that day. A link to the Day+2 rumor?

Less personnel, but all the postal rounds will be done. La Poste thinks that 40% of mail can be distributed with a reduce postal corps. Part of this task force are thinking the task will be impossible under normal working conditions (time, distance, etc.).

To be continued.

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