Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mucha exhibition in Montpellier

The city of Montpellier is awaiting a new temporary exhibition at the Fabre Museum: about Alfons Mucha, between 20 June and 20 Septembre 2009.

This 17 June 2009, Midi libre newspaper wrote about the money paper designer he was in the first years of Czechoslovakia, after World War One: banknotes, postage stamps,...

During Autumn 1918, the castle of Prague was the victim of the artist's effort, when he was not used to such a tiny format. The text-telling in this French paper reminds me of something... maybe a philatelist helped the journalist with articles from the French philatelic magazine?

Reminder: two years ago on this blog.

28 August 2009: Adrian studied the sun from the project to the successive issues.

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