Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Charter of Philately in France

Finally, La Poste's president signed the text.

It can be read on the French Philatelic Associations Federation (FFAP).

The text will certainly be published in the September issues of the French philatelic press and comment all Autumn long by their readers.

The content is sooooooo classic, sooooooo predictable, sooooooo already done for years by the three signatories: the FFAP, the French Stamp Dealers' Union and La Poste. With a tiny problem: one of the signatories is both a director of La Poste's philatelic service and a president of the Association for the Development of Philately that gave money to help organizing happenings.

My thoughts: as useless as the so-called states generals of April 2008, even dangerous. An example: if one mean of issue exists, La Poste will have respect the Charter even if the collector can't use that mean to buy the stamp.

For those who can read French, other comments : Pierre Jullien (very critic despite being one of the preparatory investigator for the states-general...), Dominique sur le Blog philatélie whose readers and modern collectors wonder where the machine stamp are, even La Poste's Museum's Friends Society have doubts about what a postage stamp of France is now... To be updated.

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