Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return with a United States postal surprise

Finally, my cybernetic friend do want to obey its rightful master, once the latter fired the graphic card. In the same week, this postcard arrived from the United States thank to Postcrossing. A non so common card considering the marcophilic state of this country.

Stamps were cancelled with a red ink datestamp, and not the tiny dots that give sometimes a very unreadable form that can be a city, a State and even a date of mail treatment. In a post office of Rochester, Minnesota, on 3 June 2009, a clerck accepted to get his hand to the handstamp.

The pink dot lines? Mail sorting codes from the French post unusually on top because of the black line code from the United States postal service at the bottom.

These cancellations are not usuel. But, the look-alike ones a Virtual Stamp Club thread is looking for are done by cancelling machines that the USPS announced to be completely replaced by ink dot machines.

Amended because of a misreading of the VSC thread.

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