Saturday, March 03, 2007

Martin Mörck, mastering the art of offset-intaglio

The 7th of June 2006, Post Danmark issueed what I value as one of the most beautiful series I have seen, whereas the car race theme let me indifferent. It showed pictures of a ancient car race in Copenhagen, with four stamps.

Technically speaking, I am marked bu the perfect union of the photograph printed in offset and the engraving. The latter gives the aspect of the ancient engravings that we can find in papers published in the19th and 20th centuries, especially for the 4,75 kroner. The two printing techniques are not there only to supply the other's defects ; they are litteraly married.

The artist responsible of this success is Martin Mörck from Norway, who is celebrating in 2007 the 30 years of his first issued stamp : a "tawny owl" (Strix aluco) for Sweden. You can regularly see his talent on new stamps from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Monaco and Sweden.
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