Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stamped advert for Norway

The use of postage stamps and markings continue in advertisment. I found one on the DivX society in February, and today, Norway in Paris edition of free paper Metro.

One of three pictures (, in Metro, Paris edition, 14 March 2007).

Each ad is composed of one big picture of natural monumental landscape (fjords and cliffs) and a little picture included in imitated perforations. I chose to show you « Savoureuse Norvège » about salmon.

The imitated stamp and illustrated cancellation (, in Metro, 14 March 2007).
The two other ads presents a couple of tourists and a village.

What a beautiful stamp to promote salmon, with a little pink steack of one ! More appetizing than the fish on the Norway Europa stamp of 2005. Bon appétit.

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