Friday, March 09, 2007

From Women to Flowers, definitive series in Germany

Since January 2005, Deutsche Post sell only one definitive stamp series : the Flowers series. The close-up of the flower itself on white paper are designed by Stefan Klein and Olaf Neumann. For example, this 90 eurocents narcissus, issued January 2005 :

The close-ups pleases the eye. Here is a self-adhesive stamp with an imitated stamp separation. You can say it is a self-adhesive stamp because the separation is a straight line while perforated one presents some paper fibers after the separation of two stamps.

But this series makes me regret of the two former series : Women in German history (1986-2003).

1 mark figuring actress Therese Giehse, issued in1988.

Bicolored, the stamps are engraved by Gerd Aretz, a Wuppertal university teacher. 56 stamps were issued followaing the postal tarriffs' evolutions and the German and European geopolitic ones : 17 stamps for West-Berlin, 26 mentionning « Deutsche Bundespost » (18 for FRG and 8 after the Reunification), 13 with the brand « Deutschland », included 4 with a pfenning/euro denomination and 4 with euro alone.

With the International Women's Day yesterday, plus the engraving versus simple photo on white, and a personal intererst in the history of these women and the politic events these stamps wear on themselves, I prefer the Women in German history series... Flowers will wait less than two weeks for the first day of Spring.

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