Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Star Wars" on stamp in the United States

After Royal Mail's the Beatles stamps sold throughout the world including the New Zealand Post's website or La Poste française's Harry Potter (don't forget), the USPS will issue a stamp May 25th for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. It has replaced 400 of its 280 000 mail boxes for boxes customized to ressemble Star Wars' character R2-D2.

On his blog, Don Schilling has beeen following in the press this marketing coup, and it attires fans.

USPS hopes that these boxes won't be stolen. Personaly, I hope that this operation helps Star Wars fans to send mail, and that all this won't be limited to a new massively lucrative sell of stamps.

Concerning the French Fête du timbre on the Harry Potter topic, you can discover the conclusions on Claude Jamet's site when he will have compiled answers from those who participated at this Fête.

27 May 2007 : I correct the date of issue (May and not March) of the 15 stamp sheet, 41 cents each, new interior tariff since the 14 May increase.

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