Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One half-cent on a Semeuse in France

Today, here is a Semeuse camée definitive stamp received as a fidelity gift from Timbres magazine. This brown stamp has a value of one centime overprint with a new denomination of 1/2 centime. The design of Oscar Roty is engraved by Eugène Mouchon ; their name appear on the top teeth of this ill-centered stamp.

The one centime knew two colors issued August 1933 and July 1936 (image above). It completed taxes, and alone would be enough for some papers or elector's card.

The half-centime Semeuse was issued in December 1933. Reading the Dallay stamp catalog and a webpage of the Royal Philatelic Society London, it completed or sufficed for « journaux routés et hors-sacs dans un rayon limitrophe » (locally sending an isolated paper).

This value of a half-centime is not so quite suprising. Before the overprint of a Blanc series stamp, a cancellation mark was used to cancelled the stamp and adding one half-centime to his value (see the marcophile site of Guy Maggay)

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