Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eat right for health

Previously, the pictorial cancellations of Canada I showed you were incitation to donate to the Red Cross, respect Sunday (either to rest or to pray). As soon as the 1950s, eating was an important step in the well-living that need to be recalled on mail:

The royal effigy changed around the 1950s: King George VI in uniform during the World War 2 (1942-1943 series) found a civil suit in 1949-1951 and a cameo on this 4 cents red. The series is issued again in 1950 with the words "POSTAGE - POSTES" erased.

The five portraits were inspired by Dorothy Wilding's pictures. She was a regular portraitist to the Royal Court. Her photographs appeared on many definitive and commemorative stamps in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

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