Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How ressembling to Nicolas she is!

My feeling was politely indescribable on the first sight, it's worse at second thought when I saw her again in the newspapers. Nicolas' Marianne is what I summarize of this presidency: France is looking to somewhat, better be the void, dressed in a harsh monk dress (lowering of the majority's income/consumption possibilities?). While she passed away, stars - presumed European - have to walk in order, straight forward like a navy fleet, no variety, no differences (an omen to the European Union little states, starting July 2008 with the 6-month French presidency of the Union?).

France seen by his prince-president, a design chosen alone while the public was consulted since 17 years and its choice respected for a decade. As his Marianne, this picture can be interpreted from his politic and opinions (note: I don't ever want to know what the other candidate would have chosen).

After reading the free metropolitan daily, an idea came to me how to philatelicly express my opposition to this Marianne. Like the commemorative stamps I dislike: don't buy them. Better, continue to use as long as possible the joyful hopeful Marianne des Français series, after July 2008.

Today, I began the 6-month investment for a 5-year use of stamp sheets, starting with low values.

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