Saturday, January 26, 2008

Philately in media

How can you find philately in living sound and animated images, in the news or in its historic interest, without being the annual postal rate increase and a pro-governmental biased journalist nostalgicly remembering the 20 centime stamp of 1849?

Timbres magazine launched with its February 2008 issue the sale of a new DVD about the philatelic TV show Télé-philatélie and its presenter Jacqueline Caurat. It is in the same path as TV Timbres and a first DVD by editor-in-chief Gauthier Toulemonde.

In the United States, since 1998, Lloyd de Vries has been telling a short weekly article for CBS and its affiliated radio channels. He comments the philatelic program, the collectors' and postmen's habits, etc. Transcriptions are readable on The Virtual Stamp Club.

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