Thursday, January 03, 2008

French games : which cancellation will you got?

Post a letter in France and imagine which cancellation you can obtain. Play lottery :)

From top to bottom:
* posted in the annex office of Maurin (commune of Lattes) and Toshiba coded cancellation #38395A (rappel) [19 January 2008: Claude Jamet wrote me that this code is for the Preparation and Distribution of the Mail Plateform (PPDC in French) of Saint-Jean-de-Védas, city that is very near of Maurin village. Geographically, these places and Montpellier are in a little area.];
* posted two days earlier at the prefecture post office, in Montpellier city center and non coded cancellation from the mail center [Montpellier mail center (the late 20th century historic one I would say) is in the South of this town territory] ;
* in Paris, cancellations remain very constant throughout the last years (NEC if I don't fail) whatever the mail center.

With these four examples, you have examples of stamps extract from three of the adhesive booklets issued in France in 2007.

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