Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greek propaganda over Cyprus situation

On 10 July 1984, the Greek post reminded the ten years of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus island, after a coup d'État by Greek-Cypriot rattachists. The latter wanted the Enosis, the union of Cyprus and Greece. Their coup lasted only a few days, but the Turkish intervenion divided the island in two, still today.

The stamps developped two bellicous and liberticid elements on the Northern part of Cyprus, where the Turkisharmy invaded: barbed wire blocking people and tank moving over blood.

Today, the Republic of Cyprus is the only one internationally recognize and member of the European Union and other international institutions. In the North, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, established 1983, is recognized by Turkey only. The two entities tried to reunite, but their respective governments and protectors ended discussions in bizarre situation. In April 2004, by referendum, the UNO reunification plan was accepted by the Turkish Cypriots whose governments was the most difficult to convince, but not by the Greek Cypriots who were guaranteed the integration into the European Union on 1st May 2004...

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