Thursday, January 10, 2008


Editorial coincidences, the two British philatelic magazines published articles about fractional face value stamps.

In December 2007 issue (obviously published mid-November 2007), Gibbons Stamp Monthly let three pages to Noel Davenhill to present the very low values of the Commonwealth since 1937. He did so in an historical and geographical manner. The title is the proverbial expression "A Farthing for Your Thoughts!"

The next month, in Stamp Magazine, David Wright wrote three pages on the fractional values of the United Kingdom, following a historical and numeral path: 1/2 d, 1 1/2 d, etc. The fourth page illustrated the Commonwealth's fractionals with others stamps than the competitor's article.

Have a good moment with these.

Note: in Paris, you find the two magazines around the 18-20th of each month at the WHSmith bookshop, Rivoli street, near the place de la Concorde.

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