Monday, April 13, 2009

Maternity in Spain

Because I seldom follow the social calendar: a subject on maternity, illustrated by J. Carrero (difficult to retrieve his first name on Google).

This stamp of Spain was the non religious Christmas stamp, issued by Correos in 2008. The christian stamp showed three santons from a Nativity scene designed by Naplese artists for two sons of King Charles III.

I have not practice Spanish philately very often, outside a journey to Barcelona. It seems that adhesive issues have expanded: look at the absence of paper threads along the right side stamp.

In Spain, these adhesive stamps are sold in booklet of twenty. But their backing paper is perforated in line so that the stamp can be isolated. It permitted me to buy only one adhesive stamp at the philatelic office in Barcelona. Is this done at regular post office too?

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