Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's left?

Nothing? And I am not talking of my mania of the week: floating suits in competitite swimming.

The postal free rate inside Andorra may have disappeared believing Mai 2009 issue of Timbres magazine. To say it, it copied/pasted (red link included on the monthly's website) the introduction of the Wikipedia in French's article. And add the part of the disappearance without giving any references: informations from the two postal operators in the Pyrenean principality (Correos and La Poste) or their agreement with the government?

I tried to explore the website of the latter, in catalan, without any reference on the postal system late 2008, beginning of 2009. Only thing on Spanish press website: Correos employees in Andorra went on strike to be paid like their colleagues in Spain. Was it the cause of the postal rate change? Was this the case of La Poste's employees too?

First day of sale for La France comme j'aime (reminder). Suprise for Montpellier on the official website: 8.30am-12pm at the Préfecture post office... No public room... while there are 1'500 people massing from regions of France to Antigone swimming pool for France Swimming Championships : massive business opportunity and many public rooms available all around.

This morning, around 10am, five persons were waiting in line at the office's shop. A little table for the first day cancel. One other for an association proposing their former souvenirs.

Sad first day party. Too much stamps? Not enough time to prepare for the local association? But, what were the motivations of other associations in Languedoc-Roussillon then?

But, some things are still there: touristic souvenirs on stamps. On 14 May 2009, foreign tourists in France will be able to buy a eigh stamp booklet entitled La France en timbres Post Images of France, with a cover in English, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Parisian newspaper and postcard stands will be happy.

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