Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RDP signatories for 2009

The white smoke finally appeared at the top of chimney, in Albion, where the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists Board of Election was meeting. The four chosen will sign the parchment, one of many anglo-saxon philatelic awards at the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain, on 7 July 2009, in Manchester.

All are brilliant philatelists.

British John Sussex participated to the organisation of numerous national and international exhibitions. One of these volunteers, generous of their time, always necessary. He is one sponsor of the Festival of stamps that will take place in London in May 2010.

Australian Geoffrey Neil Kellow is an important author that made Stanley Gibbons updated its catalogues after his publications on the stamps of Australian States. But, he is a biliophile and librarian too. In 2006, when the Australian Philatelic Federation awarded him with the Australian Philatelic Order, he was working on the index numerisation and search engine of important Australian societies' libraries. To bequeathed his books do not suffice: there are to be little hands to make them tools available easily for decades afterwards.

Barbara R. Mueller of the United States has not ceased to write and help publishing philatelic periodicals in her country. To such a state that her pairs were out of personal awards, so that the United States Stamp Society created an award in her name given to the author of the best article published in The American Philatelist, the American Philatelic Society's magazine.

Finally, a British francophile: George Barker. A foreign corresponding member of the Académie de philatélie, he get the pleasure of studying France's 1900 definitive triology (Blanc, Mouchon, Merson series) and of the Sabine. Some French African colonies interest them too. And, patriot (?), even Elizabeth II photographed by Dorothy Wilding attracts his eyes.


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