Friday, April 03, 2009

Quiet April in France

After all, once you forget the two hundreds forty "added value stamps" from our regions, the French philatelic April will be very quiet.

French Caribbean writer and policitian Aimé Césaire merited a postage stamp. It will be issued on 21 April 2009 after a first day of sale in Fort-de-France, Martinique and at the Secretary for the Oversea in Paris, on the day he died one year ago.

The copied/pasted photograph shows a man of conviction... but does it invite to discover his convitions, his writings?

The following week-end will be a Stamp Festival bis: around eighty cities are listed as first day of sales in Timbres magazine (the magazine issued its #100 issue, next April will be the tenth birthday).

The map of the eighty cities: would it be a cartography of the philatelic associative activity? of the proximity network of Phil@poste? of the last philatelic counter postmen waiting to be closed? of the regional newspaper journalists waiting for something new to print?

At least, for the two twelve stamp booklets, do they choose Guy Coda. May that excuse some excess?

Oh... my devil's advocate suit is inspiring me again: in fact, the two hundreds and forty stamps at 0.23 euro the right to buy them, it is to pay a good artist for the booklets.

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