Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Turkish stamp cancelled and completed by meter

This letter was sent from Turkey to France on 24 March 2009. It was franked by a stamp about İzmir of sixty kuruş. Over it, a machine stamp was printed as cancellation and as a twenty-five kuruş franking.

Let's remind that, after 1 January 2009, only the new lira and its "yeni kuruş" (nouveaux kuruş) are circulating in Turkey, after a January 2005 to December 2008 transition with the ancient lira. The conversion was a division per one million, i.e. erase six zeros. Before, the franking would have been of 850 000 liras.

On the Turkey's PTT website in English, the postage rate tables indicates the above 85 kuruş for a less 20 gram letter to foreign countries, around 0.40 euro.

Now, was it posted in Çorlu or in Tekirdağ? As the latter gives its name to their common province, the datestamp must mean "Çorlu, in the province of Tekirdağ".

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