Friday, November 07, 2008

Autumn Stampshow comes back

I will be there tomorrow Saturday 8 November 2008 ; some bloggers inaugurated it and wrote their impressions on some "events" created by Phil@poste and Maury, Rousso & Co. to maximalize profits during this pilgrimage to the Espace Champerret exhibit center, Paris 17th Arrondissement until Sunday.

The stamp booklet celebrating old France's definitive figures from 1958 to Nicolas' Marianne in heliogravure printing (instead of typography and intaglio), read the Blog philatélie and the News de Phospho.

About new catalogue of France, the mega-combo ultra hit Maury featuring former Dallay and Ceres catalogues and guest starring Armand Rousso, a catalogue... even a book of real quality: read Ma Philatélie by Vervelle, the Blog philatélie and the News du Phospho.

On the first results of the meeting-eating... sorry, the States-General of the Philately, results already announced before the meeting by the Omni-President: read the News de Phospho and read again Nicolas on the Blog.

In their texts, I got confirmations on my need to arrive early to rush to the post office for my to-be-used-on -mail new stamps (yes, when the Montpellier philatelic counter closes at 1pm...). And a surprise to me on what would do Aude Ben-Moha if her editor-printer listened to her more.[1] I hope I will see. For the moment, it is my subscription to L'Écho de la timbrologie that was cut from my budget, Misters Yvert and Gervais.[2]

Notes :
1 : read the last lines after the pictures at the restaurant.
2 : and thank you if you could, in your next mail try to subscribe me again, to offer philatelic and pertinent gift. A can of delicatessen...

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