Monday, November 10, 2008

What are visitors doing at the Paris Autumn Stampshow?


Yeah, okay... The question is not well put: to be deposed of large sums of money and be given paper in stamps and covers in exchange, but in a rather smaller amount of space.

No, I was thinking about to the awards that artists received during the Autumn Stampshow. Now, the visitors are invited to see how the philatelic profession awards artists.

The Grand Awards of the French Philatelic Art, of the Overseas Art and of the invited country (Israel in 2008) are chosen among the stamps issued during the previous twelve months, during a vote late October and by an unknown meeting of people, all connected to the stamp dealers association. An alternative was found when Phil@poste instituted the Ceres of the Philately: the French post clients are asked to vote.

On the contrary, visitors of the Autumn Show were the awarders during an artistic exhibition. Stamp designers of France were invited to provide paintings following a compulsory subject. It was the Creaphil Award. Hélas! Something is roten in the State of French philately. One of the 2007 Show sompetitors received a multitude of votes by the same person. The treachery was exposed on this dubious democratic system and its ungarded urn.

The 2008 solution: the René Cottet Award, from the name of a French engraver, with a safe return to oligarchic vote without the intervention of paying collectors.

It is so cheaper and more pratical than the other solution: to put the urn on the Stamp Dealers Association's counter next to the exhibit. A counter where there is always one person to sell you a 2 euro poster or a 5 euros label of the Stampshow.


But, hey! What are still doing here? Don't you have stamps to buy instead of looking at these paintings? There are not for sale, you know. And we have professionnal to estimate their beauty.

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