Saturday, November 15, 2008

New ads from La Poste

La Poste began a new ad campaign in French magazines, with its slogan "La confiance donne de l'avance" (confidence gives advance/lead/ahead-of-others-ness). Be ahead, remember that in a few years, you will choose the postal operator you want for the less-than-50-gram mail. Quickly said, be with us.

Here is one of the ads, the one that talk the much to the daily client/user. The one who waits his intimate letters, bills and spamming mail, and who got this right under the universal postal service. Here, Lucie was waiting impatiently on this 10 October, for news from his boyfriend or holiday heartbreak, gone or gone back to Paris.

It is easy to reconstruct the scenario because everything is on the cover that the young woman is holding. A cover that was origamied into the postal bird, La Poste's emblem.

She received the letter on 10 October, because, she is three times lucky. She is the beneficial of a efficient postal serice: I translate "95 millions items are delivered every 24 hours" and the datestamp indicates a 7pm 9 October cancellation of the Paris-Bienvenüe post office (certainly, the one opened in La Poste's headquarters). 95 x 10^6 on how many? until which weight? even parcels?

She can read a readable cancellation: she knows her boyfriend is in Paris. With the new coded cancellations, she could have imagine things and be frightened: is he really in Paris? What is he doing in this département? Because, the innocent girl, perhaps not a philatelist, could not have knew that the new codes are not postal ones.

Moreover, her friend recreate the Rowland Hill's legend: even before she opens the cover, will she know who send her news (like the big pink enveloppe with a large red adress won't suffice, and I don't want to smell the paper). He invested in a sheet of Montimbramoi personalised in his effigy. But can lucie say if this young man is not using the same strategem to each of his conquest throughout the country? And, if his money pocket is sufficiently profound, could he have bought different sheets for each princess...?

Will she have to wander on eBay and StampWants to verify that doubt when the philatelist father or little brother of her rivals will sell this philatelic proofs of love in auctions?

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