Monday, November 24, 2008

Deutsche Post attracts young people to postal relations

The Deutsche Post is trying to attract young clients, the ones massively used to e-mails and sms than to written letters.

This advertissment was published in the teenager weekly Bravo on 19 November 2008, saved from a German friend's bin. It promotes the website.

The picture teases the young reader to one of the three activities you find on the website: a quiz about the social person you are.

More pertinent because it ends in sending franked mail, and sold stamps, the second activity is to become part of a pen pal community (this part is in English too).

The last part is the commercial trap: the "sms stamp". You send a sms or a call to a Deutsche Post service than send back a Handyporto, a code to write down on your letter. Put the letter in a mailbox. Done.

Very modern. I want to know if the Deutsche Post adds something on these letters.

Very expensive too. Cost of the sms/call plus 85 eurocents for a postcard and 95 cents for a letter sent inside Germany. Usual postal rates with postage stamps or by walking inside a post office: 45 and 55... Modern is beautiful :)

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