Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maritime worlds apart

Let's dream a little bit thank to the stamps found at the Autumn Show, while this season, cool but wet, seems to take a long rest on Languedoc.

The Marion Dufresne will sail soon to the French Southern islands. On board, scientists and the cargo necessary to live six months more there, and one cover I sent to myself.

About the orange being deported to the left, it seems that the first print may be affected: watch the stamp shown by Pierre Jullien.

When the Marion Dufresne left the Réunion island, the climate would certainly accomodate my skin and tan. But, these United States' coast should certainly let that sensation lives longer than in the Austral Ocean.

Because of the worldwide rate, the USPS can remind the United States citizens of the postal unity, even if this unity is not political, between the mainland and Caraib and Pacific islands. In 2007, it was Guam ; this year, there are the Virgin Islands and their white sand beaches, turquoise waters and luxurious forests.

Soon, I will turn my mind to our settlements in the Pacific, when snowflakes threaten.

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