Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Polynesian welcome

Because many are those, me included, who are writing daily about the Salon du timbre 2008, the Paris stamp show at the Floral Park (read here, over there, but dont' forget, and too, always, even more, and this way, for finally), I am going to report about the 2006 stamp show.

In the entrance, Polynesian dancers welcome visitors (photograph under licence Creative Commons by-nc-sa1).

Before the latter be let free on the quest to new issues, good findings, inesperated Chopins2 and others games and quiz (photograph under licence Creative Commons by-nc-sa1).

Because of the issue of a six stamp Known Peoples series [Great People before, now fictionous] about the great characters of circus, a open air scene offers a small circus show at the 2008 Salon du timbre. A show presented to youthful future collectors and wisdomer ones during a well-earned pause (see it, empty, in the background on the inaugural picture on L'Écho website, in the link above).

Note 1 : explication de la licence, me contacter si besoin.
2. "Chopin", in philatelic French, is a very great find by a collector in a sale or an exchange, in which he earns - philatelicly - more than the seller or exhanger.

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