Thursday, June 05, 2008

Colombia and the future of postage stamps?

Read on the Virtual Stamp Club, a news from Colombia puzzled me. Then, with added comments, it made questions appear.

The Colombian postal operator, Servicios Postales Nacionales, become 4-72, La Red Postal de Colombia (4-72, the postal network of Colombia), understand 4° North, 72° West, approximatively, the geographic coordinates of the country:

Agrandir le plan

Besides the change of brand, a new service will be created: postage stamps will be expected to re-appear in post offices (or agencies part-something part-post offices). Until now, only one philatelic shop, at the minister of Communications, in Bogota, sold stamps to the public!

The post offices existed, but they franked with postage meters. Stamps were available only if the agent (or the client) bought them in Bogota.

On the forum, a United States unhabitant told, but past British and French messages on many forums and magazines concurred: the dream of some postal clercks would be quick and easy postage meter printing machine in post offices, clients ordering postage stamps directly to the postal operator philatelic service, or clients printing their own stamps at home with a web subscription.

Colombian post did it and seemed to be coming back... My hypothesis: the printed meter stamp, a weak ambassador of the country in political difficulties towards its citizens and to the rest of the world?

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