Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you, merchants!

With the new issue post office crowded and the exhibited collections put in another hall (but some lucky ones near the interview and happening stage) - and I admit a lack of wish to find them -, the Paris Salon du timbre's stamp dealers saw me longer than usual.

My cover and stamp finds will be showed here from July to September after I finally put my boxes down somewhere and give some fresh air to the collection.

There are yet some things to see while the show is still on. Like at La Poste of Belgium, a book on the colonies and colonial trials by Belgians (or, for some period, Catholic Dutchs) from 1451 to 1916: Patrick Maselis, Des Açores à la Nouvelle-Zélande [From the Azores to New Zealand], published by Roularta Books (with the help of the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund and Belgian philatelic fund Pro-Post), more than 400 pages, 30 euros, available in an English version and a French version.

Already written, but good things don't hurt when repeated: go read the publications proposed by the Académie de philatélie, at the Salon for its 80th anniversary.

Marvels are shown by prestige auctionners: Behr et Feldman for example.

More surprising, the Northern Korea post is present (with little success this morning).

You touch the bottom of your wallet, don't worry: you can play quiz to learn again your France's stamps and topics of the world. Or walk around the gardens of the Floral Park surrounding the stamp show (with the sun today). The Castle of Vincennes, formerly Royal, can be walked through.

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