Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 finale

Because there is not only philately in life and not only the post operators that use inventive means1 , 2 to make you buy stamps,3 let's talk about the grand final of Doctor Who season four4 that announces a great beginning of Summer to British telespectators.

The last meeting between the Doctor and Rose.

To summarize, Russell T. Davies, great television author, succeedes to make each episode of each season a little event going up progressively to the final big boom:
* unsaid love of the Doctor and Rose for the first two season, while initiating new spectators to this universe5 and the break under the Daleks' attack.
* the one-way love of Martha, becoming an allied facing the Master in the third season;
* and Donna's well-branded temper this year.

But, some fans are regretting the good old time6 and, then, the character of Rose Tyler and this great love...

Look for Rose in this fourth season: BBC allowed to let know that Rose will come back in the finale. How to make know it to every one and winning money for the great night? First, the actress on all science-fiction and television series magazines.7 And, let some fuzzy paparazzi-like pictures of the filming slip outside while all episodes are classified, ultra-protected inside the BBC director's office and escorted to the broadcasting studio under heavy guard.

Finally, like Beaujard playing the role of our omni-president's David,8 place Rose in corners of some episodes to tease amateurs: Donna passing in front of Rose in the first episode, Rose shooting silently "Doctor" on a screen at the moment when the Doctor is not watching it.

Rose in the episode broadcasted on 14 June 2008.

The most important, that British philatelists and television channels understood, and that the Académie de philatélie certainly understand too,9 let fans or collectors tell what they want and think of your work. The best advertisment is the one your clients will do for free. To those who need to revise: a fan vid summarizing the three and a half season of Doctor Who:

Notes :
1 : see the Austrian post,
2 : and the Royal Mail.
3 : bloggers and web philatelists won't certainly say it enough: the silver Nicolas' Marianne will be sold to every one ordering it in January 2009. Only if you imagine that two types of this oxydating stamp will be accidentally engraved, do not hurry to the Salon du timbre in Paris just for this thing.
4 : you can perfect your English and the 9th and 10th Doctor season on the Wikipédia in English.
5 : always remember to recruit new members...
6 : even if British Richard West, in July 2008 Stamp Magazine page 37, recalls that in 1908 the philatelic press was complaining about the too numerous stamps issued, on the interest of becoming a philatelic association's member if no member do benevolent activities, of the use of a national federation of philatelic associations and on the ideal subscription cost. If French states-general of the philately happen again (free appetizers have always success): reading of 1908 philatelic bulletins.
7 : or invite celebrities known of elders and youngers to give them a glass block and hope it will make the muggle's world will talk about your stamp show.
8 : 2007-2008, an excellent year for this artist that I found too ill-known before and with whom I have a discussion on one of his stamp at the Autumn Show in 2006... But, I am absolutely not wanting to accept the philosophy that animates the one who order him his Summer 2008 stamps.
9 : but they are only 81 now, too few? Or too ill-known? Go see their work at the Salon du timbre before Sunday 22 June 2008.

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