Monday, June 02, 2008

Simply Austria

Now that Bhutan's philatelic reputation is saved: read Graham Knight (in Stamp Magazine of April 2008, pages 68-70) who go see for himself, and watch the covers reproduced in L'Écho de la timbrologie of June 2008, pages 62-65,...

let's save our own European Bhutan: Austria.

For some years now, this country has been postage-stamping celebrities (the Governor of California, Michael Schumacher), spicing stamps with shiny bits (soccer cup), stamp in full soccer ball marketed plastic, etc.

Either the Austrian post is the victim of the same jealous persecution as Bhutan, or it possesses the best advertisment agency ever. Persecuted, yes! Because at the corner of a Postcrossing postcard I received, you can that still issues simple, quiet, motionless stamps, in one word : postage.

Gewöhnlicher Schneeball designed by Rudolf Galler or, scientific named Viburnum opulus.

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